shiftscreen 4X features

shiftscreen 4X is almost ready. Here is a look at some of the features.

What's on my monitor?

shiftscreen 4X brings a completely new webbrowser, integrated apps as well as a new webapp system.

New Mouse/Trackpad System

The iPad app brings better hover effects and an improved mouse system. The iPhone trackpad has also been greatly improved.

Windows and Tabs

Place and resize windows on your monitor and open multiple tabs inside of them.

Context Menus and Alerts on the monitor

4X provides a seamless experience by adding context menus, alerts and textfields to the monitor.

Monitor Control Center

Control your monitor brightness, switch between touch and trackpad mode or quick-resize a window with the control center.

Improved performance

4X brings improved performance with 60fps on the monitor and a new smart sync system which will save energy once the user stopps interacting with the windows directly.

Monitor Configurations

Finally you can change the actual resolution of your monitor and additionally you have the ability to create multiple monitor configurations to switch between, which will allow you to stretch or rotate the picture.

Minimal and intuitive UI

The new user interface is as simple and easy to understand as possible. It consists of the monitor view and two buttons.

New Web Browser

The new web browser brings many new features as well as the ability to better implement many webapps as seperate desktop apps.


Control how shiftscreen looks and feels with the new app settings.